Perfect Paint Lines

Waaaaay back during my Laundry Room saga, I promised to show you how to do perfectly clean paint lines.  This is actually a trick my husband found online one day and shared with me, and it works perfectly!  A lot of you probably already know this, but just in case you didn’t……

I’m going to start with a Step Zero, because of how we painted the laundry room.  I sealed off the laundry room wall edges with the trim paint I already had out (white).  I knew we’d be painting the kitchen, so digging around for the kitchen’s yellow paint was just too much to ask.  So we ended up with the skinniest of skinny white lines on the corners.


So, Step Zero was quickly covering those up:


Ok, now for Step 1

First, tape off your line like usual.  Here we’re going to paint the kitchen green, so I’m taping off the darker color of the laundry room.  (Disregard the splotch of green there on the wall.  It’s from me messing with the paint samples.)


Now get out the paint of the color UNDER the tape.  (In this case, the dark color which I already had out from Step Zero.)

 IMG_1382 IMG_1383

Paint over the edge of your tape with that color.


Let it dry.   Now paint your wall just like usual.  I was too excited to pull off my tape, so I forgot to take a picture of this step.  Hopefully it’s not necessary 🙂


Pull the tape off and admire your perfect line! 


By sealing the tape with the color you’re protecting, you’re avoiding those annoying little instances where the new color seeps under the tape.  (The paint still seeps under, but since it’s the old color, it doesn’t matter!)

Hope this was a helpful tip 🙂

Happy Thursday!  (ALMOST FRIDAY!)


  1. That is SO cool! I would never have figured that out and my lines are always bad. I'm glad you put it in writing so I can refer back to it. Great job!


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