Peninsula Treatment: Part I


I keep talking about the “peninsula treatment” that I need to get done.  Well, here we go!

So here’s where we started:

beadboard would look cool...It needs something, right?  (Ok, it needs a LOT.)

After our laundry room redo, I decided I’d put bead board paneling on the peninsula too.  Plus, we’d someday like to put some barstools here, and I think bead board paneling would be much more durable against dangling feet than would drywall.

Even though I didn’t take off the trim when we did bead board in the laundry room, I will have to take it off this time.  See that piece of trim around the top of the peninsula?  It has to come down temporarily.  And since the new laminate flooring installation (in a couple weeks) needs the baseboards off anyway, I might as well take them off now and do bead board all the way to the floor.

Have you ever pulled baseboards or trim off?  Well, if not…..this is for you! 

Start by using a razor to cut through the caulk:

IMG_1468 IMG_1470

Then get a pry-bar and find a good place to wedge it in.  I did it at the end of the trim because I just hate damaging drywall (even though it’ll be covered up, I know I know.)  Then work your way down the board.

IMG_1471 IMG_1472

You will probably need to slice through caulk as you go, because it will pull your paint and drywall off the wall if you don’t. 

IMG_1473 IMG_1474

It looks pretty bad when you finally get the trim off:


And look what else I found:


I just about jumped out of my skin when I saw it.  I thought they were bugs.

Whatever it is, it’s not bugs.  I think it’s some kind of filler or cushion between the countertop and the drywall.  Looks gross though, huh?

We’ve also been experiencing this problem quite a bit as we take off baseboards:


The drywall crumbles away from the metal corner pieces.  Luckily, in this case it’ll be covered up by bead board, but we do have a few other places where the drywall has crumbled off the corners ABOVE where the baseboards would hide it.  Here it is with the baseboards off:


Now we’re ready for tomorrow’s bead board action! 


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