Wanted: Dishwasher Advice


IMG_1458  Lovely Readers, meet the Dishwasher.  Dishwasher, meet the Lovely Readers.

Yes, that’s a Rubbermaid bowl sitting there.  Holiday themed, with a whimsical and festive holly and ornament design encircling it! 

No less than the best for you all 🙂

The bowl catches the water that leaks when we run the dishwasher.  The dishwasher doesn’t leak every time we run it, but after most cycles, we’ll have an inch or two of water to dump out of the bowl.  (It started leaking on Christmas Day, of course.)

I called an appliance repair place a couple of months ago to find out what it might cost to have it fixed.  $60 for the house-call.  Then up to $300 to fix the seal, depending on how bad it is.  The lady on the phone said our dishwasher (original to the house, so ~12 years old) would be cheaper to replace, as the lifespan is (apparently) only 12-15 years for that model anyway (it is a rental grade model).  Nice lady.  I think she was hoping we’d buy our new dishwasher from them. 

We decided to think about it, and we rigged up the bowl to catch the leaks in the meantime.

I had no idea how loud dishwashers are when the bottom insulation panel is removed!  It ROARS!

Ok, maybe “roars” is an exaggeration, but it is really loud.  And after noticing that we were routinely soaking/scrubbing dishes that had just come OUT of the dishwasher, we realized it’s just time to replace it.  Our floors will be getting replaced in the next few weeks as well, so it works out nicely.

Now for finding the new one! 

I looked at two today, a Maytag and a GE. 

They both had these features:

  1. Black/stainless combo
  2. Energy Star
  3. The cool multi jets so the bottom one doesn’t pop up through the lower rack
  4. Multiple wash cycles (all the usual ones)
  5. 57 or 58 decibels
  6. Hard food disposer


OPTION #1:  The GE CleanSteel “Tall Tub Built-In Dishwasher”


Features the Maytag doesn’t have: 

  1. Steam Pre-Wash
  2. Super deep upper rack (actually didn’t look at the Maytag’s upper rack…)
  3. Delay start option
  4. $449


OPTION #2:  Maytag 24 inch Built In Dishwasher


Features the GE doesn’t have: 

  1. Stainless interior
  2. Heated dry option
  3. Crystal/china cycle
  4. $599


Additional considerations:

  • HD installation is $120 (plus $6 if we go with the Maytag)
  • Lowe’s installation is $129 (probably plus $6 for the Maytag too but not sure)
  • We have a $25 coupon if we buy it at Lowe’s
  • OK, everybody.  Now I need your input. What do you think of “steam cycles” ?  What do you think of stainless versus non-stainless interiors?  Do you think the Maytag’s features warrant an extra $150 on the price over the GE?

    What do you think of Maytag versus GE?  Are Maytags really as dependable as the Maytag Repairman commercials make them seem?

    (Needless to say, our current dishwasher has ZERO features and is marginally functional anyway, so we’re shooting from the hip here.)

    Let’s hear it from the Peanut Gallery!


    1. I have a Maytag and have had good luck with it. However, I believe it's 16 years old and I've probably jinxed it now! Anyway, Maytag is known in recent years to have had trouble with its quality so I probably would NOT spend the extra for the Maytag. Come to think of it, mine doesn't have a stainless interior and it's been fine.


    2. Our dishwasher is on its last leg I'm afriad. I'm going to check back here often to see what everyone has to say. My parents have a Maytag and that thing is amazing! They have had it a long time and it hasn't caused any problems. **knock on wood** My husband and I have had to replace the microwave and oven in our house within the last year and from what we read, GE seemed like a good option. We may stick with that brand for our next dishwasher. Right now we have a Whirlpool. Good luck with your decision!!


    3. I always seem to prefer GE appliances but I think that may be a personal 'brand' preference lol As for the interior: I always like using dishwashers with stainless interior. They just seem easier to keep clean & all the ones in my relatives/friends houses that have stainless have lasted a long time. As for the coupon: I'd go with Lowe's anyway b/c with that coupon it would be cheaper no matter what you got b/c you'd have the $25 off. Plus I prefer Lowe's over home depot ANY day of the week! 🙂 Let me know what you pick- I've been looking at those dish 'drawers' for possible replacement when our dishwasher finally bites the dust but I always like hearing what people think of their current/new appliances.


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