Quick and Easy Spring Centerpiece


I grabbed a couple of glass items, some moss I found on sale at Wal-Mart for $1 per bag, and some candles that were lying around (the little pillar I took from the candle holder I showed you here).

I wrapped a piece of ribbon around the pillar candles and wove the same ribbon through a wooden placemat (thanks Brooke – great idea!)

IMG_1451 I think I need a ribbon strip on each side of center as well. And maybe another touch of ivory. Or just a plain white taper instead of the ivory one.



Ok, so not particularly creative, but it was EASY. And it looks good enough for now, until I’m motivated to do a better one. All three of those glass items came from Goodwill, so it was also CHEAP. Cheap and easy, that’s my motto (for decorating….!)


EDIT! More ribbon was added!

MUCH better.

Have a great day!


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