What I’ve Been Doing

PAINTING! Getting that green paint up on the walls and covering up that flimsy half-hearted yellow!



Both walls are the same color. (Goes to show how different the color looks in different lighting). We ultimately went with Behr’s Saguaro. I really love it with the sun hitting it. And it will look FANTASTIC when the cabinets get painted this summer.


Feels a little like a Miami Dolphins color scheme at the moment. But still an improvement 🙂




It’s not entirely done though. We’ll paint behind the stove and refrigerator when they get moved for the new floor in a few weeks. There’s also a spot in the corner above the fridge that we couldn’t reach. It will be painted when the fridge is moved as well.

AND….the baseboards are off. Figured we’d take them off to paint behind them, paint THEM (while off), and then replace after the floor is done.

I didn’t take pictures of those things. 🙂

“Before” pictures, to remind you how snazzy it used to look:

IMGP0804 empty corner- what to do

Not loving this do something with this!

Oh, and the ceiling isn’t done yet…..

And the peninsula isn’t done either, so you don’t get to see the “whole shabang” just quite yet 🙂 Edit! Now the peninsula IS done and you can see it here.

I hope your weekend was as productive as ours!


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