Treasures and Transformations

Last week at Goodwill, I found this cute little pitcher. It was $3.
I happened to be going to the dollar store (remember my spring wreath? – same trip!), and I picked up some $1 florals.
I also ran into this cutie patootie while I was there:
Altogether they made a perfect little vignette for the shelf/hook I showed you how to make here!
IMG_1414 IMG_1412
I can’t decide if the pitcher needs to be painted white yet. Maybe just some lighter ribbon around it would help it to stand out against the dark wall.
A while back I found a funny little silver taper candle holder (wow, could I get any more adjectives in there?) on a Goodwill trip:


There it is in front of those blue ice trays.
I picked it up because it was really cheap (like 50c) and it just seemed to have some potential.
But this weekend I finally figured out what I wanted to do with it!
I grabbed an old glass candle holder from the Christmas stuff and I bought some Gorilla Glue. (Whoa, talk about warnings on the label! This stuff must be amazing!!)
Glued them together!
Threw them into the line of fire from the ORB spray painting that was already going on…..
IMG_1331 IMG_1330
Then I added a checked green and white ribbon (found at Hob Lob on sale for $2) to a little candle (also on sale at Hob Lob for 50% off $4)
And it’s so cute now 🙂
It’s just waiting for the rest of my kitchen to get done.….
I’d love to hear your comments! And if you become a “follower”, I’ll be your BFF forever (I have this weird goal that I want to have ten followers…)
Sometimes you (I) feel like a nut 🙂
Sometimes you (I) don’t!
(Just had to add that last part)
Happy Thursday Peeps!


  1. Hey, I love the candle holder. Your so creative. I have to say you come over and comment that you are impressed with my building know how and act like you don't know anything. I just saw the shelf you built! What! Looks like you know what you are doing. Love the shelf and I like the pitcher that color, the white flowers look great coming out of it.Brooke


  2. I love the candle holder. I think sometimes people at the thrift store think I'm nuts when I start picking up different things and stacking them together! I have that same little birdy too! 🙂


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