Painting a Light Fixture

We had a lovely goldish-brownish dining room light fixture.  It was so lovely….. like something out of a casino in Vegas. 

Not loving thisI think it was one of the first things Hubby and I both said “that will have to go” when we toured our house before we bought it.


But…in the name of frugality, and because

1)   we had to paint the ceiling anyway and

2)   I happened to have my oil-rubbed-bronze spray paint out…..

we went ahead and took the whole thing down this weekend, and I painted it!  (Plus, the weather was really REALLY nice, so I could actually do it outside on the grass.)


So we turned off the power (don’t forget this step!) and unhooked the wires.  I set the glass bowl aside and disassembled the pieces as best I could.

 IMG_1329 IMG_1327

I used electrical tape around the cord and I used plastic wrap to ensure the exposed wires and light bulb sockets didn’t get paint on or in them.

Then I took the parts outside and sprayed!  I did a few coats, waiting about 30 minutes in between.   I also had to roll the rods to get all sides coated.  I mussed up the paint just a little bit here and there on the rods (from turning them over too soon, they got a little texture in the paint in places.)  I don’t notice it though, so no one else will either 🙂

 IMG_1339I didn’t take pictures of the spray-painting process since it would give away some “after” pictures of other projects that I haven’t shown you yet 🙂

I actually hung the main section back up (without reconnecting the wires) to let it dry.  It looks kind of creepy in this shot:


Then we put it back together! 

I wondered how this would go, and I was prepared for it to look pretty bad and need replacing. 

But I’m pleasantly surprised!  I think it turned out really well, and it was FREE! 🙂


Ok- here’s the before and after:

(Should’ve thought to take a before picture, without the light on!)

 Not loving this


We’re making progress towards a fabulous kitchen/dining room- one small step at a time.

Happy Wednesday!  I’m optimistic that today will be better than yesterday. Are you with me? 🙂


  1. That looks great! Just like you made a trip to Home Depot to buy a new one. I have painted light fixtures before and I am all for it. I haven't had any problems with them at all. I actually need to paint my ceiling fan in my great room. Maybe I could get hubby to take that down while the weather is nice. Hmmmm???Thanks for the tip on the towels, I have done that before and forgot about that. I think they would look better that way. Also, thanks for the idea on the trunk, that would actually work where I want to put it. Maybe????Thanks for all your comments.Brooke


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