Beautiful Blogger Award


Yesterday I was so excited to get the Beautiful Blogger award from Brooke over at Creative Decor by Brooke.


And now today, I’m excited to pass it on!

Seven blogs who have kept me particularly entertained/inspired lately are (in no particular order):

1.  Creative Kristi – this girl is the queen of frugal cooking and groceries, and she made an awesome draft stopper last week out of toilet paper rolls that looks like something you’d find at Bed, Bath, & Beyond (yep!  she’s earned the “creative” title for sure!)

2.  Jen at Notes from the Heartland – Jen just refurbished an old cupboard in her basement.  (Apparently it was painted silver, but I thought it looked a little like weathered barn wood).  Needless to say, now it looks awesome.  Plus, she has a stash of home-canned goods in that cupboard…I hope we get a blog post this fall about all that canning 🙂 She’s also an amazing artist when it comes to making homemade vintage signs.

3. Emily at Frilly Details – if Kristi above is the queen of frugal cooking, Emily is the queen of topiaries and crafting.  All her crafts look so clean and professional (as opposed to mine which look …not as good as hers!)

4.  Sara at Delightful Dwelling – she posted recently about dressing up the doorway into her laundry room and I saw the same baby gate we use!  Ok, aaaaand she’s got a really cute house, full of projects that I need to do with my house too (especially her bathroom redo!)

5.  Lauren at Little Big Nest – she has some really cute decor ideas, and she SEWS!  She did some amazing pillows for her master bedroom, plus her spring mantel is flippin adorable.  She’s got these old vintage windows….well, let’s just say if they ever disappear from her house, they’ll probably be at mine! 🙂

6.  Kate at Chic on a Shoestring – her kitchen cabinet transformation was fabulous and I hope to do the same thing with my own cabinets.  Plus, she’s funny 🙂

7. And since we’re talking about cabinets, Mandy at Moody Girl Projects also has some great ideas, and lately they’ve been geared toward her kitchen.  She’s working on giving her cabinets a “custom cabinet” makeover, and it’s pretty impressive. I’m excited to see what her next step is in that process.


So there you have it!  Most of these ladies have probably gotten tons of awards etc from other bloggers, but here’s another one just to remind them how much we all enjoy reading their blogs!


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