My First Award!

As a blogger who’s been around for only about a month now, most of you probably know that a lot of this “blogging stuff” is new to me.  After seeing so many great blogs, especially decorating on a dime type blogs, I thought, “Hey, I have good ideas too!  I’m a cheapskate too!”  So my goal became sharing ideas, and somehow making them fun for the world to read about. 

But of course, I am not alone!  Far from it – there are thousands of us in blogland, all with fabulous ideas, sharing tips and tricks and inspiration.  Brooke from Creative Decor by Brooke is one of these other fabulous bloggers!

Brooke is a fellow newbie (we were each other’s first followers) and she has some really cute (and frugal!) ideas.

And even better, she has blessed my blog with the Beautiful Blogger Award!  Now I have the privilege of passing it along to MY favorite blogs!  Will it be you?  Maybe!  Find out tomorrow 🙂


As part of this award, I will share seven things about me.  I’m not going to do my favorite book etc, since that stuff is already in my Profile.  Maybe I’m breaking the rules by changing it up, but here are the first seven things I could come up with:

1.  I have a tortoiseshell cat.  She likes me and only me.  If I’d known torties have such bad manners with strangers and visitors, I probably would’ve picked a different color cat!

2.  Most of the furniture in our house was purchased all at once for $500.  I was in college at the time, had savings in the bank, and it was one of the best spur-of-the-moment decisions I’ve ever made.  I paid for two years of self-storage, and it was still a screamin’ deal!  That’s one of the reasons I think everyone should always have money in the bank.  (After all – luck is when opportunity meets preparedness, right?)

3.  I have a very sensitive nose.  Sometimes the odor of what someone had for dinner the night before is overwhelming for days (like garlic or curry.)

4.  I drink very little water.  In fact, I drink probably less than a glass of water a week.  Instead, I drink a lot of milk.  I should probably work on this, but I like milk much better than water!

5.  My husband thinks I am “old lady-ish” because I like to garden . Our neighbors seem to think that too.   Just call me Ethel!

6.  I love Diet Pepsi.  Regular, lime, cherry, whatever.  It’s all good. 🙂

7.  My sister-in-law and I have the exact same name.  The only difference is her middle initial is “A” and mine is “B”.  Crazy, huh? 

That’s all for now!  If anyone has any questions, I’d be tickled to answer them, just leave a comment 🙂 


Huge thanks to all readers, to those who have left comments and especially to my “follower” friends who like my blog enough to read it somewhat regularly 🙂   You’re the best-est! 


  1. Congratulations on your award, you deserve it. I am enjoyed finding out more about you and I think it's great that we have so much in common. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog and geeting inspiration from your great ideas! xx


  2. After my mom got married she and her mother-in-law had the EXACT same name- first middle & last! 🙂 a little weird hahaCongrats on the award & I've always called them 'money' cats (don't know why) and there are a few that are nice to vistors!


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