I must be a flake.

That’s all I can come up with.  I can’t decide on a paint color.  And I’m getting ANTSY to get one picked out!

I thought I had it narrowed down to two…. and I started slapping up those two colors all over the place to try to narrow it to one.  (I narrowed it to the two top row colors of the five I showed you yesterday.)

And then I started thinking they look too blue!  And that maybe the first one I liked (the only one Hubby really doesn’t like) was better, because it’s more brown.

And then I wondered if the two final choices (or are they?) are too dark (or are they?) or too green (really?)


I think it might approximately, kind of be a close race between Spanish Moss and Saguaro, both Martha Stewart colors from HD (although now I’m kind of liking that Timothy Hay color too…but Hubs thinks it’s too grey.) :IMG_1260

But then again…..I think I could make any of the greens look really great with the right accessories and my eventual overall color scheme of greens, whites, and browns.

Aaaaaaand….if I glaze my cabinets and scuff them up to have darker spots here and there, it might pull my wall color more towards the warm mossy green I want and away from the sagey-blue green I don’t want. 

And you must think I’m being totally ridiculous!  Because the two colors look almost identical on the swatches.

On the wall, they’re a little bit different.  But don’t they look bluish in the pictures?  Or am I crazy?

Saguaro on top, Spanish Moss below:


Saguaro on the left, Spanish Moss on the right:


All Saguaro:


Maybe I feel it’s bluish because our cabinets are so orange and the orange is pulling out its complementary blue buddy? 

Or maybe I am going NUTS.  yikes.  Totally possible though, especially this week.


Comments from the Peanut Gallery now that I’ve got it to two (I think…) ??


On a different note, I’m thinking of doing different hardware on the uppers and the lowers.  I’m thinking maybe crystal knobs on top and the existing aged-pewter on the bottom.  I’ll think about it some more, but it sounds like a good idea at the moment 🙂


  1. You know it is so hard to tell from the pictures. But I am leaning on the Spanish Moss. In the picture with the paint chips the Saguaro looks a little yellow, then in the picture on the wall in looks more blue or grey. Hard to tell.Wish I could see them in person.. Good luck!Brooke


  2. It is hard to tell from the pictures, but I think I might like the Spanish Moss better. I have a similar green in my living room/dining room. I would tell you what color it is, but I didn't keep the paint chip when we painted it 5 years ago!


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