Ceiling Adventures Part II

Remember how we had our ceiling drywall fixed in our kitchen? And then we needed to paint the new drywall to match the rest of the ceiling? And remember how I assumed it was flat white paint, only to find out that it was not flat, NOR white (only after I got the flat white up there and could compare the two)?

Well as a last ditch effort, I went digging around in the box of “to be dried and tossed” old icky paint in the garage (which I thought I’d looked through already) hoping that maybe I’d find a clue as to the ceiling color.

There was a quart can out there that was covered in dirt and dead bugs, full of rust and half dried (whoever used it last didn’t pound the lid back on all the way). I’d looked at it before, but all I remembered was how nasty it was, so I must’ve subconsciously assumed that nope, that’s DEFINITELY not what I’m looking for. Definitely not. And I must’ve subconsciously known that I’m right about this one. Yep, Like I’m always right. Right like rain. (In the Mojave Desert.)

It had a barely-legible mysterious orange label from Sherwin Williams on it stating that it was semi-gloss and Dover White. No date, brand, or any other additional information.

Gross paint


But I gave it a shot because I had no other ideas.

I got enough clean-ish paint out of it and onto the ceiling to realize that……. I did indeed have Dover White semi-gloss paint on my kitchen ceiling!! YAY!!!! So without thinking, I popped over to Sherwin Williams to get a fresh quart of the exact same stuff.

Got home, got it up on the ceiling and was happy with the results.

Until I saw the ceiling from another angle.


The new drywall has a slightly different texture than the old drywall. And it’s really obvious with that shiny happy nasty paint. Let me just ask the world why anyone would put semi-gloss paint on a ceiling? What in the heck were they thinking??? And an even bigger question……..WHY was I so lazy to match it instead of using my brain and realizing semi-gloss would look like crapola up there!?

Next step: back to Sherwin Williams to buy more Dover White, but this time in a FLAT sheen. And I’m going to have to paint the whole ceiling like I’ve been trying to avoid this whole time.

I shall prevail. Eventually.

I’m linking up this week to the Before and After Party over at Thrifty Decor Chick! Sarah over there has some of the COOLEST ideas and you must check her out!


  1. Oh my. What an ordeal and yet you STILL have to paint the whole ceiling! :-/ bummer! I was just popping by to say thanks for commenting on my blog the other day & to say 'hey!' since we are both linked up to the Before & After party today! 🙂 P.S. yes I was just as happy as you were to discover Poly in a spray can!! 🙂


  2. Hi Birdie,I have been watching your blog a little, but I have been very busy! Hoping to find more time eventually. Anyway, I work across the hall from your mom and she told me about your blog and I love it! I love your ideas and just bought a house myself. Keep it up! It is wonderfull! Carmen G.


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