A Pretty Ceiling

Happy Monday everyone! We got a LOT done this weekend!  Even though my dining room ceiling isn’t completely finished, I’ll show you where we’re at, because it looks so pretty now (even without being done.) First, hubby painted the center of the ceiling with the same Dover White flat paint we used on the kitchen ceiling. Then, we painted the walls green and brought the … Continue reading A Pretty Ceiling

Wanted: Dishwasher Advice

    Lovely Readers, meet the Dishwasher.  Dishwasher, meet the Lovely Readers. Yes, that’s a Rubbermaid bowl sitting there.  Holiday themed, with a whimsical and festive holly and ornament design encircling it!  No less than the best for you all 🙂 The bowl catches the water that leaks when we run the dishwasher.  The dishwasher doesn’t leak every time we run it, but after most … Continue reading Wanted: Dishwasher Advice