Of Happy Lists and Trash Day



I make lists.  All the time.  It helps me remember things, helps me focus on the order they should be done, and I really like crossing things off.  My desk right now has four lists on it, two  three four craft/design ideas sketched out on scraps of paper, and my bulletin board has 3 more lists.  You can go ahead and think how crazy I am…for the next five seconds…..5,4,3,2,1……ok and now try it for yourself and see how crazy you become 🙂

Part of my list-making includes “Good Stuff” lists almost every week.  Sometimes, on a Sunday night, when thinking about the week ahead puts me in a grumpy mood, it helps to have a list of things to look forward to.

You can see my “This-crappy-pen-isn’t-working-Good-Stuff-list” above.

Here’s what it looks like this week:

  • Gas bill gets paid on Tuesday (automatic bill pay – my BBBBBFF)
  • UPS shipment arrives Tuesday
  • Weather warms up Weds
  • Trash day Thurs

See?  It doesn’t have to be big stuff AT ALL, though this is an admittedly shorter list than usual. 

Financial items like paying bills might seem weird, since they are all automatic.  I love my Bill Pay, but I still don’t trust it.  I keep close track to make sure it actually pays the bills when it’s supposed to.  (In the name of frugality – I refuse to pay late charges!)  If transactions occur as expected, I get to cross things off the list.  And that makes me happy.  And probably weird, but I’m good with that. 

My list almost always includes trash/recycling day.  Every week when the trash is picked up, my world feels a little cleaner and less cluttered.  I’m a nut, I know.  But besides, too many “good things” (even if one is trash day) is never a “bad thing”.   🙂  Right?  RIGHT?

So this means I have four “good things” this week!  (I put them in quotes because that doesn’t mean that the rest of my week is necessarily bad.)  It’s my way of appreciating otherwise-boring-sometimes-depressing weekdays and helps me appreciate the little things in life, like having my trash picked up for me every week. 

Maybe my quirky little ‘happy list’ will help somebody with their own, or maybe I’m just off my rocker.  Life is more fun either way, so I won’t stress!

How you do go about brightening up otherwise-dull days and the routine of life?  What’s on your Good Stuff list this week?

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