Keeping Pretty Candles Pretty



Here’s a great tip my mom showed me this weekend to keep candles looking pretty.  It has nothing to do with that cute little twine-wrapped ball there in the picture.  I just liked that picture.  And it was in the immediate vicinity of the candles-in-question.  So…deal with it.  🙂

It also works GREAT if you love candles but have dogs-with-tail-feathers who unintentionally knock things off tables, or cats-who-own-the-place who intentionally knock things of tables.

This is probably a no-brainer for all you smarty-pants’ out there, but just in case it’s not…… (cuz it wasn’t for me):

First, burn those candles down just enough that a tea light will fit with the top flush with the top of the candle.

If you’re ok with actual open flames, stop here and enjoy burning hidden tea lights instead of ruining your nice candle.


BUT, if you’re not a household that does open flames:

Let the pretty candle cool and harden around the tea light.  Then gently pull the tea light wax out of its tin.  The tin should stay stuck.  Like this:


Place an LED tea light in the tin (these come in inexpensive packs of 4, and they’re even cheaper right after Christmas), flip the switch, and enjoy your “flame”!


IMG_1101  Ok, so it doesn’t look all that real.  But turn the lights off and you won’t even notice 🙂


P.S.  My little “half-title” problem should be fixed for all you Internet Explorer folks out there.  (Please let me know if it’s not!)  Big cuddly thanks to Hubby for fixing it for me!!!

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