DIY Victorian Art

Remember when I said yesterday that I had some art projects still to do in the guest room?  Well I got one done last night!
I started with these two Goodwill finds and I picked out some fabric I liked:

I feel pretty silly.  There were two identical frames at Goodwill – one with a backing, and one was just the frame itself.  I paid extra for the one with backing because I thought I’d use it.  I didn’t.
I overpaid!!!  Not my favorite thing to do! (But I kept the backing just in case…)
So I originally planned to use the fabric kind of like this:


it just wasn’t right.
So I rummaged around in my craft supplies and found some old scrapbook paper that I picked up forever-ago from the $1 bins at Jo-Ann.  It was perfect!  Cream-colored with a sparkly gray swirl!


Because I’m laZy with a capital Z, I went for the first glue I could find – a glue stick!


The kitty is always so helpful.

I ended up ditching the back of the frame because I planned to put stuff in the bird cage, and I didn’t want the overall effect to get too busy.  I thought letting the wall serve as the background would be cleaner looking.
I got out some STUFF that I thought might work as filler…….

Some ribbon, silk ivy, two kinds of moss, a strand of fake pearls, and some clear faceted vase filler stuff (those 5 ice cube looking dealy-bobs)


I used the vase filler beads as “eggs” in my bird’s nest 🙂  
I have no idea where I got these things.  They look like fancy little plastic ice cubes.


I had a little trouble getting the frame to hang straight on the wall, so I jimmied it with some floral wire:


The finished product:

             IMG_0964     IMG_1049    IMG_1023

I love it because if I ever get tired of my artsy bird’s nest, or the ivy or ribbon, or the pearls, I can put all kinds of other stuff inside and on it!  (I’m already wondering if the ivy/ribbon combo is too much…)
But for now, it’s got an old-fashioned, Victorian feel to it that I think works great with my garden-guest-room. 

Hope you liked it!  Have a beautiful day, and I hope everyone’s SNOW melts!!!! 🙂

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