Welcome to my itty bitty blog!

Here at 10:30 pm I’m sitting at my computer, doing what I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I don’t really understand this blogging thing, and I’m not sure anyone wants to hear my ideas…but…well…I’m taking a shot at it anyway! I’m a small town girl who has always had a couple of competing loves: decorating/organizing and ….saving my money! That’s right, I’m a bona fide saver. My motto is I try to save money anywhere I can so that I have enough to spend when I decide I *want* to spend it. (In normalspeak, that means I can buy FUN stuff when I want to, and I scrimp on less than fun stuff, like toilet paper and groceries…!)

Now, if I wasn’t oriented toward the craftier side of life, “FUN stuff” would include beautiful furniture, decor, and a perfect home in every way (read: lots of contractors at my beck and call – HO yeah!) But the thing is, I love making stuff, and I love making stuff look nice. So my frugal tendencies apply themselves to my crafting, organizing, and decorating tendencies and create little challenges that stick their fingers in their ears and blow raspberries at me. And I LOVE IT! So. much. fun!

Just last summer my wonderful hubby and I bought our first house. Up until now, I had to be less than creative in my apartments. I painted a wall dark green in one apartment (yep, had to paint it back when I moved out), and I’ve had fun with decorating, but I was always afraid of accumulating too much stuff. You know. Those moments when the next move is looming and you’re wondering where all that crap came from. This fear of accumulation prevented me from buying fun stuff like TOOLS! Whooooo! and Paint! YEE HAW! and Secondhand Treasures! ARRRRIBA!

Well. Aren’t you just the luckiest! Because not only have I been getting my grubs on those little nuggets mentioned above, but I have dived headfirst into projects galore and boy do I have a lot to show you, tell you, and hopefully inspire you with! (Including, sadly, some not so great stuff that maybe I can help you avoid.)

The caveat is that I am brand-spanking-new to blogging, so bear with me as I start to lead you through the transformation of our little house from “good bones” to “GAWGEOUS!” and hopefully even keep you entertained along the way. πŸ™‚

I hope you are inspired! I hope you get ideas! I hope you have fun reading πŸ™‚

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