A Bathroom Facelift – Part I

Our house when we moved in was….well, “good bones”.  It’s in a great neighborhood and it also happened to be the least expensive house in this neighborhood.  So even though there were certain things we didn’t like (of course) we jumped on it a week after it went on the market.  A couple of really great features of our house:  a FAB composite deck off the back, what looks to be new laminate flooring in the kitchen and dining room, a relatively recent exterior paint job, and a cutie patootie front yard.  Unfortunately we have found “but” clauses that go along with all of these great features.  SIGH.  You’ll get to hear all about those later.
Things we didn’t like right off the bat included (and still include, for some of these):

  • Original carpet – blech hack cough – and all its ‘original’ stains 
  • A “deluxe built-in entertainment center” (according to the original builders brochure from 11+ years ago) that was oh-so-NOT-deluxe; LOTS more on this one later
  • A mixture of rainbow paint colors in some rooms with builder white in others
  • A whole gamut of quickie fixes here and there which now scream for attention – yes I’ll go more into these later too.

So while the summer was still around, I attacked the overgrown weed garden of a backyard and we did other outside work.  I’ll do a separate post on this when my 118 newly planted tulips and daffies come up in a couple months (EEEEE!!!!!! I can’t wait!)

Then once the weather started getting cooler and I was in the house more often, I found myself getting more and more annoyed at the powder room.  When you’re taking care of business, you see a lot of things that you wouldn’t normally notice at eye level.  Then you start to look around a little more and you notice MORE things you hadn’t seen before.  The first thing that caught my eye and drove me batty was the at-least-three separate shades of white trim.

The door and original trim had been painted to match originally, of course.  Then new trim was put on after the laminate floor went in.  Mismatch number one.  Then the door was damaged at some point and someone painted over those little dents and dings.  Mismatch number two.  THEN, someone had the grand idea to put up prepainted crown molding, leading to Mismatch number three.  AND FINALLY, because I am totally weird and picky, the white ceiling didn’t match any of the other shades of white in the room and it bugged me too.  Here’s what I mean: 

 crown and trim not the same color!

A lovely shot of the door and its top casing, the crown, and the ceiling.  Wouldn’t this drive YOU crazy too??? (Just nod, cuz I know it would get to anyone eventually :))

dings fixed with wrong color

And this one shows (if you look carefully at the door) the dings touched up with bright white paint on a more creamy-colored background.

Alright, so now you see my trim-issues.  There is more fun to be had though!  The wall color, which I love, is a really nice shade of teal.  However, the problem is that I also know what color the bathroom USED to be, and I just can’t handle that!  Here you go:

salmon again salmon color peeks through

If you look really close at that flat piece of texturing in the middle you’ll see the most beautiful shade of……salmon pink…..peeking through.  And peeps, once I see just one little spot of “they really should’ve done two coats”, it just keeps getting worse, and I started to see pinky-orange winking at me every time I was in there!!!!

Then there were a few even more minor issues to be dealt with.   Namely…..”The Half-Hearted Sticker Removal” from the light fixture. (Picture taken looking up at the fixture.)

needs goo gone

And the “I wonder how many people’s grime is stuck to this thing?” fan:

nasty again 
SO…..the game plan:  You’ll hear all about it tomorrow!  Because I have to go do some other things….like buy food. =/  Sigh.

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