Keeping Pretty Candles Pretty

  Here’s a great tip my mom showed me this weekend to keep candles looking pretty.  It has nothing to do with that cute little twine-wrapped ball there in the picture.  I just liked that picture.  And it was in the immediate vicinity of the candles-in-question.  So…deal with it.  🙂 It also works GREAT if you love candles but have dogs-with-tail-feathers who unintentionally knock things … Continue reading Keeping Pretty Candles Pretty

Fireplace Before: The Elephant in the Corner

  Weird title, right?  Yeah.  This is The.Fireplace.Post!  Get ready for all kinds of crazy weirdness.  (I think I’ll probably have to split it into two posts…..stay tuned.) Let me explain. Meet the Deluxe Home Entertainment Center:   Wait.  Deluxe? Really? um….. apparently so?   This is what our fireplace looked like when we moved in.  It’s “deluxe” according to the builder who built our … Continue reading Fireplace Before: The Elephant in the Corner