In A (Brown-Sugar-Encrusted) Nutshell

  Merry late-Christmas-almost-New-Year’s!!! We had a VERY busy week last week, with trying to get all our contractors in and out and done before Christmas.  With one exception, we succeeded!  The bathroom floor got tiled and grouted, the vanity got completely installed, the plumbing was all hooked up, and we *mostly* moved back into our closet and bathroom.  As of Christmas Eve, we still did … Continue reading In A (Brown-Sugar-Encrusted) Nutshell

Busy Busy Busy

  It’s Thanksgiving week. And I feel so busy! Our master bath is still rough plumbing and 2x4s…. I’ve got some cookin’ to do.  Ok, just one casserole, but still.  It’s on the list! I went somewhere at lunch today…my car died three times.  Fabulous.  I’m embarking on some DIY car repair tonight.  Wish me luck.  I hope it solves the problem.  Gotta travel halfway … Continue reading Busy Busy Busy